17 Feb


"Some of the best memories are made in Hiking Shoes."

Choosing the best shoes for your hiking trip makes it comfortable and provides you unbeatable joy to make thousands of memories. It's one of the most necessary hiking gear items since these shoes' quality determines the hiker's ability to walk long distances without any tiredness and injury. You can find hiking shoes in many stores, but the best ones are available in Kathmandu at shocking prices. Redeem Kathmandu promo code to buy yourself luxurious shoes at affordable prices. Here I m listing down few boots for men and a few women to hit their hiking.

Ideal Shoes for women

1. Salomon vaya women's Mid-GTX

Looking for the perfect combo of comfort and style to hike more? Salomon vaya shoes are perfect for you as they're specifically designed for women, so you'll energize and connect to nature. Its high ankle supports you on the trails. Available at only $349.98.

2. Mornington Women's ngx Hiking Boots

 Specially designed for day hiking in the blue mountains and any Australian conditions. These boots are water resistant with mesh panels to reduce weight and aid breathability. The cost of this luxurious boot is only $299.98

3. OBOZ bridger women's dry boots

Long-lasting boots with all-leather upper, waterproof and extra comfortable collar that preserves shoe's integrity. Board lasted constructed boots are available at only $369.98.

4. Aysen ngx Women's Mid boots

Aysen mid boots have specially designed lugs to give you grip and traction for continue hiking. Its heel tags make taking off or onn shoes easier. Get these shoes now at $299.98

Ideal Shoes For Men 

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 Men's GORE-TEX Shoes

Hike the most challenging descents with confidence by wearing these GORE_TEX shoes. These shoes are mostly for technical hikers, provide support under challenging slopes and wet areas. Available at only $299.98.

2. Mornington Men's ngx Hiking Boots

It is made up of waxy leather to reduce weight and aid breathability with the phylon midsole's comfort. Specially designed to handle every toughness during hiking. Get yours now at $269.98.

3. OBOZ men's Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoes

Bring ultimate joy to your hiking with great comfort and performance. It has high friction rubber that will grip in every direction. Buy these perfect shoes for just $249.98.

4. Serpentine 2 Men's Hiking Shoes

Made up of Ripston Nylon upper for durability and dependence. Supports every step of your hiking with its carbon rubber outer-sole. Get yours now at $159.98.


Get ready to rock your next long hiking trip with the flawless collection of hiking shoes. Do visit Kathmandu's website for more uniquely designed hiking shoes for you. I wish you the blasting experience for your next hiking trip.  

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